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Letter from Clay Abbot - TDCAA

This letter is to inform you of the Texas District & County Attorneys Association (TDCAA)’s support for the Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System (LEADRS) and for the continuing efforts of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) to support and improve this valuable system.


The TDCAA is committed to increasing the efficiency of DWI prosecutions throughout the state of Texas by providing prosecutors with the best available training and resources on DWI

and alcohol related issues.  TMPA’s proposed support program for LEADRS will ensure that LEADRS remains a vital tool for law enforcement agencies and criminal justice professionals. 

Without continued officer training and system support, LEADRS will fail to meet the changing needs of police officers and prosecutors.


TMPA’s additional proposal to add online reporting modules for breath and blood evidence would be a great improvement to the system.  Prosecutors often receive breath and blood-test evidence

separately from the case reports provided by arresting officers.  This test evidence is crucial to preparing a case for trial or for negotiating pleas.  Breath and blood evidence is difficult to track and

waiting for these results can create a 30 to 90-day delay in an already bogged-down court system.  The addition of these modules to LEADRS would allow this evidence to be attached to the electronic

case report, significantly streamlining the DWI process for prosecutors and police officers alike.


TDCAA fully supports the ongoing efforts by TMPA to streamline the DWI process.  We are committed to assisting TMPA in their efforts and will continue to provide support through technical and

professional advice and guidance.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at the TDCAA office.  Thank you for your continued support!




W. Clay Abbott

DWI Resource Prosecutor

Texas District & County Attorneys Association
LEADRS program was developed and is maintained through a partnership of TXDOT and TMPA.