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Letter from Doug Mitchell - Carrollton PD

Our department was one of the first to begin the use of the on-line DWI reporting system in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  We are a police department with 157 sworn officers protecting a city of approximately 115,000 people.  We have 72 officers in Patrol and a Traffic Unit of 6 officers.  We have three major high speed expressways (IH 35, SH 121, and PGBT) in our city and our city borders several large restaurant and entertainment areas where large amounts of alcoholic beverages are consumed.  In 2004, our department made 442 arrests for DWI and we suffered 56 alcohol related crashes. 


I did a time study on the amount of time it was taking officers to complete a DWI arrest from time of stop until they cleared from the jail with a complete report filed.  The average time was 3 hours and

58 minutes.  After almost 18 months on the system, we have reduced the time to 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Some officers can complete the arrest in an hour.  The key to keeping the time low is having internet access via MDC (Mobile Data Computer) in the car.  While the officer waits on a tow truck he can be imputing data into the site.  I suspect that with the coming enhancements and the more experience the officers obtain that the time will continue to be reduced. 


The report is clear and easy to read and understand.  Everything needed for a successful prosecution is contained in the report.  The officer who completes it can be as detailed as he/she wants to be.  That translates to mean that the officer can quickly enter in the basic information needed and exit the report or he/she can also enter in very detailed descriptions of all the events.  The Affidavit contained in the report is complete and easy for the Judge to understand.  Our senior Municipal Court Judge, Deanna Burnett, has told me that she was so impressed with the Affidavit that she asked

me to develop a similar one for DWLI offenses.  I consider the initiative to be a success and it should be expanded to all departments in the nation.


Doug Mitchell

Sergeant Traffic Division, Operations Bureau

Carrollton Police Department

LEADRS program was developed and is maintained through a partnership of TXDOT and TMPA.