Law Enforcement Advanced
DUI/DWI Reporting System

About Us

Under a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) conducted a series of focus groups with a diverse panel of peace officers and prosecutors to determine the issues prolonging DUI/DWI arrest time. The majority stated a desire for a standardized and simplified DUI/DWI report that would allow officers to complete a DUI/DWI arrest in less time.  Based on the data gathered in these focus groups, TMPA designed a DUI/DWI reporting system that allows peace officers to enter arrest information online and print out a variety of completed forms based on this information.  The system is known as LEADRS (Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System). 


The Texas LEADRS pilot program went online in 2004 and has far exceeded performance expectations.  While initially designed to reduce DUI/DWI arrest reporting time by 30%, LEADRS users have reported that the program has reduced their reporting time by up to 50%.

LEADRS program was developed and is maintained through a partnership of TXDOT and TMPA.