Law Enforcement Advanced
DUI/DWI Reporting System

The Benefits of Using LEADRS


  • Eliminates redundant data entry.
  • Calls attention to information required for prosecution

Centralized Online System

  • Secure and accessible from anywhere
  • Allows officers to save their work

Standardized Forms

  • Automatically completed forms for prosecution
  • Extract statewide DUI/DWI data in real time

Saves Time,  Saves Money

  • Officers spend less time completing DWI reports so law enforcement agencies save money on overtime pay

No cost to Agencies or Officers

  • LEADRS is grant funded through the Texas Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Web based system so there are no licensing fees to departments implementing LEADRS.

Integration with existing systems

  • LEADRS has the ability to upload information to existing Records Management Systems.
  • Contact Us for Details on this feature.

LEADRS program was developed and is maintained through a partnership of TXDOT and TMPA.